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혼다 수퍼스포츠 바이크용 ABS 브레이크(Honda motorcycle - “Combined ABS” for Super Sport Bikes)

소형차/ 2륜 2008.06.12 17:29
 지금은 주로 고가형 오토바이에 ABS가 달려 있는데,  저가형, 저속형할 것 없이 모든 오토바이에 ABS 브레이크 장치가 설치되는 날이 빨리 오길 바란다.

 스포츠바이크에 ABS를 다는 것이 나쁜 것처럼 여기는 사람들이 있던데, ABS에 대한 오해가
있지않나 싶다.

ABS장착 차량과 무장착 차량과의 급제동시 비교 동영상

Sécurité Moto : l'ABS en action
by Moto-Station

TOKYO, Japan, June 9, 2008–Honda has announced the world’s first electronically-controlled “Combined ABS” for Super Sport motorcycles, aimed at combining ABS and CBS systems into one system that applies the basic advantages of both, while specifically addressing the requirements of a Super Sport context.

사용자 삽입 이미지
Combined ABS equipped prototype

In order to achieve this, the particular characteristics of Super Sport bikes, such as short wheelbase, are taken into account. The system also operates without interference to sports riding, and with an emphasis on maintaining full rider control.

< About the New Combined ABS System >
사용자 삽입 이미지

The system consists of an electronically controlled combined “brake by wire” system with an innovative stroke simulator. Direct motor control ensures precise operation of the ABS. The components are divided into several smaller units so there are more, but smaller units than in previous systems.

The system’s effectiveness is due to four main factors:
1. Electronic control of the CBS, allowing more advanced control of brake force. This provides a more sensitive distribution of brake force over both wheels.

2, Measurement of rider input force on each lever. The ideal brake force on both wheels is generated accordingly, providing optimum distribution and minimising vehicle body reaction.

3. An “ABS modulator” which ensures late triggering of ABS, and smooth ABS intervention.

4. Small size meaning that the system’s components can be well integrated in the motorcycle’s package. Thus mass-centralisation, a key feature for Super Sport bikes, is supported.

All the basic ABS and CBS functions are provided, including the prevention of wheel lock, improved balance and easy operation. This is achieved without any compromise to stability during ABS operation. Pitching is minimised so that the bike keeps its normal position. Overall, sport riding performance is uninterrupted - cornering feel remains the same and controllability is enhanced.

출처 = http://world.honda.com/